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Compact module with most secure digital access control for all premises (Wifi, Bluetooth, RFID Card, Card payment & Pin Code relay output)
Compact module with most secure digital access control for all premises (Wifi, Bluetooth, RFID Card, Card payment & Pin Code relay output)

BLE Locking Standard 2 module All keys safely in one place – your mobile phone. The BLE Locking Standard 2 module enables digital management for key-operated door locks. All your digital keys can be used safely and conveniently with the BLE Locking mobile app and access rights can be shared with anyone you want. Digital keys can be used with and without internet access, depending on the type of key. In addition, the module allows you to connect one Wiegand based card reader with a PIN pad. The product works with electric locks, garage doors and gates.

  • Physical keys made digital. The door to your home, office or garage, along with a gate or any other accessway with an electric lock, can be made digital. Instead of a physical key, you will use a digital one, stored safely in your phone, in the BLE Locking app.
  • A manufacturer-independent solution. The BLE Locking module can be installed for any manufacturer’s electric lock, garage door or gate system. You will also retain the ability to use physical keys or existing garage remote controls and access microchips. Installation of the module is easy. If necessary, contact a company specializing in door locks for advice.
  • The digital key works without an Internet connection. The BLE Locking module works with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard and does not require an Internet connection to open the lock as long as the user is logged in to the BLE Locking app.
  • Remote opening option. By connecting the Standard 2 module to Wi-Fi, you get the opportunity to open your doors even when your lock is not nearby - you can open it while enjoying a trip abroad.
  • Give access by sending a web link to a mobile number. The lock owner can share the digital key to a user as a web link, which makes is especially convenient for the user, because the mobile app does not need to be installed.
  • Possible to use a PIN-code or an RFID card. The BLE Locking Standard 2 module can be connected to one Wiegand type card reader with a PIN pad. That way, in addition to a digital key, your lock can be opened with a PIN code or an RFID card.

Technical Specification
  • Power Supply: 12VDC (Note: The module requires a 12 VDC power supply with a nominal power of at least 3W).
  • Relays (Quantity & type): 1 x non-latching, maximum load 10A, 240VAC or maximum load 10A, 12VDC
  • Radio protocols & network Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR.
  • Additional connectivity: 1x Wiegand reader or 2x analogue inputs for HW switch/PIR sensor/ Hall-effect sensor.
  • Physical connectors: Relay in/out, power, input switch 7-gang terminal for cables up to 1 mm²
  • IP rating: IP41
  • Electrical consumption: Normal operation 50 mA Maximum 200 mA
  • Working temp.-40ºC up to 75ºC

If your power source is 24vdc (eg: a gate motor) then you will need a 24vdc-12vdc convertor: DC CONV-5

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