IoT Updater

The AAP IoT updater software allows you to upgrade an IP-Module or ESL-2 APP POD to the newer IoT platform, for use with the EliteCloud App.

 - USB D-Link programming cable
 - Windows based PC with Internet access.
 - EliteCloud Account

Pdf by mimooh Updater Manual

Step: 1 Create an EliteCloud Account
 - If you don't have an EliteCloud login, please go to to signup.

Step: 2 Download & Install Software

Step: 3 Running the Updater Program
 - Plug the USB D-Link cable in first (on ESL-2 APP POD make sure jumpers are on IAP mode)
 - Ensure that your PC has an active Internet connection
 - Then Open the IoT updater software
 - Follow Software Instructions

Step: 4 Setup App
 - When the updater has successfully finished, an email will be sent to your EliteCloud accounts email address.
 - this email contains the modules MAC address and a new Serial number (However, we also recommend writing this down)
 - Download the Elite Cloud app on your device and follow the app setup steps.

5 year warranty on all NZ
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