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Elite S-Lite, 2x TRX PIR, 2x TRX PENDANT, 1x TRX EXTERNAL, 1x TRX KEYPAD, 1x TRX TRANSCEIVER, 1x PS209-R, 3A Battery
The ESL TRX KIT provides the quickest hassle-free install you would expect from a good wireless system. Importantly, it offers the huge advantage of a 2-way wireless full function LCD ICON keypad. This attractive keypad runs off battery for up to 2 years or can be tapped into a mains feed at the door with on board battery back up.

No more bulky all-in-one wireless keypad / alarm system. No need to put up with the quiet harmless alarm buzzer, messy telephone cords and plug packs cluttering the entrance way to your home.

The heart of the ESL TRX KIT can be safely mounted out of the way wherever a power point and a phone jack exists. This kit also includes a wireless poly-carb external sounder and lamp; a great deterrent in itself that will help neighbours and passersby know which house is in alarm.

The only wired device in this kit is the powerful 12v internal sounder which can be mounted wherever is convenient for the best effect.

The kit also allows for the addition of a large range of wireless accessories. Wireless outputs can be put where remote switching is needed, i.e: Garage doors, driveway lights, auto gates. Wireless Reed switch can monitor doors or windows but also provide a hard wired input that can double as a door bell or request to exit.

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